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How does this league work?
The league adheres to a double round robin system. Each player is placed into a group and plays every other player in his or her group two times. Players collect points for winning rounds and games. More specifically, one point is awarded for every round won and two points are awarded for every game won. Points are split for draws.
Because ruzzle force-forfeits games that have been inactive for 72 hours, the person causing the forfeit will be deemed the loser of the game and of any unplayed rounds. The person causing the forefeit will, however, retain points for any rounds played and won.
In order to keep track of scoring, it's imperative that each player enter their own and also the opponent's game scores and word counts into the website. This can be done under the "Games" tab. Once the scores and word counts are entered, points will automatically be allotted and can be viewed in the "Players" tab.

How can I join?
Send a Ruzzle game challenge to waefu and request to join via the in-game chat.

I sent waefu a challenge, why can't I join?
If you weren't given access to the league, there are a few possible explanations. First, you may have cheated against waefu or against another league player. This league does not admit players who choose to cheat in Ruzzle. Second, you may have been deemed not competitive enough to join the league or may have failed to complete a game with waefu. Finally, you may have just slipped off the radar. This is not all that likely, but certainly possible. If you feel this has happened, please rechallenge waefu.

How do I enter scores if the opponent resigned or forfeited?
Enter the round score and word count for any rounds that were played (if you remember them or have recorded them already). For any unplayed rounds by either you or your opponent, enter a 2 in the score box for any unplayed rounds that you won, and enter a 1 in the score box for your opponent in any unplayed rounds. Word counts may be left blank for unplayed or incomplete rounds. If your opponent resigned or forfeited before any rounds were completed, enter a 2 in the score box for all three of your rounds, and a 1 in the score box for all three of your opponent's rounds.

What is modified average score?
Average Score is the sum of your game scores divided by number of games. Modified Average Score is an attempt to even out differences between high scoring and low scoring boards. The modified average scores on the site right now uses the following formula: a particular game score is multiplied by the sum of both players' average scores across all games in a particular season and divided by the sum of both players' game scores for that particular game. Then all of those modified scores are averaged to result in the final modified average score. The same formula is applied to the experimental modified average word count stat.

How are players seeded?
New players are seeded based on performance from the tryout game with waefu. Returning players are seeded based on a holistic formula applied to performance in each player's most recently participated season. New players may be overseeded or underseeded in their initial season depending on the tryout game performance, but will be adjusted accordingly in future seasons based on actual season performance.

How many accounts can I use to play in the league?
Please only use one account in the league. You may switch to a different account between seasons, but please do not join the league with multiple accounts as this takes up potential slots for other players and skews league statistics.


Players - Contains group assignments and standings for the current season. Click on the Points Earned or % Points Earned column heading to sort the column by descending value.

Games - Lists your games for the current season if you are participating. You will automatically be signed up for each season if you have completed (and recorded) at least half of your designated games. To opt out of the next season, click on the Opt Out of Season # button at the bottom of the Games page. (Opt out is not available in between seasons in order to allow time for assigning groups for next season. For emergency drop outs, please contact waefu/Danny.)

Stats - Current and previous season stats for various categories. Stats will be updated once per hour and only factor in completed games (all score and word count data submitted and not a forfeited game).

Records - Displays the top 100 in various stats for all seasons combined, and other league records related to game stats. Final season standings and winners are also shown here.

Resources - Contains links to the Board Database, Word Lists, Site Information (this page), and various other Ruzzle-related content.

Profiles - Click your username in the top right to visit your profile. Click Edit Profile in the top right corner to change your avatar.