Word Lists

Spreadsheets: Spreadsheet word lists for download.

No A, E, I, O, U: 2-letter to 9-letter words not containing A, E, I, O, or U.

Sticky S Words: Words ending in S that do not result in a valid word upon removing the S.

Tautonyms: 4-letter, 6-letter, and 8-letter words where the first half of the word is the same as the second half.

Unusual Consonant Starts: 2-letter to 9-letter words beginning with two consonants and excluding the following: bl-, br-, by-, ch-, cl-, cr-, cy-, dr-, dy-, fl-, fr-, fy-, gh-, gl-, gn-, gr-, gy-, hy-, kn-, kr-, ky-, ly-, my-, ny-, ph-, pl-, pr-, py-, rh-, ry-, sc-, sh-, sk-, sl-, sm-, sn-, sp-, sq-, sw-, st-, sy-, th-, tr-, tw-, ty-, wh-, wr-, wy-, vy-, xy-, yt-, zy-.